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Our Philosophy


At Elevate Collegiate we empower our students to be brave, kind, and confident individuals. We value the rich diversity represented in Houston and ensure our students are grappling with rigorous, culturally responsive curriculum that reflect their life experiences. Our character development program simultaneously affirms our students identities while guiding them towards being their best selves each and every day.



Elevate Collegiate approaches education from a “Whole Child” perspective. Our teachers and staff equip our future scholars with the academic, social and emotional foundations needed to advance towards a successful college experience. We foster a love of learning, attention towards literacy and drive to achieve academic excellence in every student’s scholastic journey.



We deeply believe in our children. We will equip our students with the tools to elevate their lives, their families, and their communities in any way they choose.

We deeply believe in our staff. We will never stop growing and developing as educators in order to elevate the educational experience of our students.

We deeply believe in our families. The partnership between our school and our families truly unlocks the potential in every child.

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